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Richard Haskell Jr.

Designer of the Captured Waste To Energy Facility Concepts

Richard Haskell - Born June 29th 1977- Hometown: Richmond Virginia- Graduated grade school in 1996 from The Steward School- Attended Virginia Commonwealth University and Completed 113 credit hours, seven credits short of earning their Photography/Filmmaking degree. Introduction: I’d describe myself as an opportunist and humanitarian. I also identify with being a jack of trades, master at none. I don’t limit myself to this “saying” because i am a master of my own destiny, and that is what a free person is in my book.I enjoy and excel at:- cooking- gardening and composting- carpentry - painting - handy man and general construction trades- performing music on guitar and drums as well as singing- writing or blogging- Designing conceptual waste to energy and products manufacturing systems design- hobie catamaran sailing- waters-ports and scuba diving- photography and filmmakingBusinesses I've worked for in the past and other achievements:- commercial kitchens and catering companies- Family lacquer manufacturing plant opened for business in 1933 by my grandfather Howze Haskell. The Haskell Chemical Company- Deck hand and first mate on the riverboat The Annabelle Lee in Richmond Va. 2002- U.S. Coast Guard " Master of in-land vessels up to 50 tons. Achieved in 1999.Entrepreneurship:I have owned and operated a property management and investment company called Haskell Properties during 2002 -2005. I rented and renovated six historic properties in three of Richmond’s oldest neighborhoods. I sold the business in 2005.Current Occupation Haskell Labor Services:- Landscaping- Yard maintenance- Car detailing- Painting- Carpentry- Cleaning and organizing and waste hauling.Photographer and Videographer:- I’ve traveled to 35 countries and have done video & still photography documentary missions in Bazil, Honduras, and Haiti. - I have posted some of my short films on Youtube. Please visit my channel at - In 2001, my little brother and I sailed our 30 ft. ketch rigged sailing vessel, the Molly Hatchet, across the Atlantic Ocean from the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia to the Azores Islands and onward to Portugal, Morocco, and Spain. We shot and edited a documentary titled “The Bait Brothers” which aired on Current TV. What inspired me to create Captured Waste To Energy .com?Being a person with a fertile imagination, I want to do everything. I accept short term responsibilities because I don’t want to be prevented from taking off at a whim when other opportunities arise. I love diversity in all things I do. I need to sustain happiness. Im happy now but Id like to have something to fall back on when I need to rest. The only people who I ever met who were happy were the ones who loved the work that they did. I knew I had to learn to love recycling. To do this, I’ve invested a great deal energy into research and development of unique waste to energy concepts. One major motivating factor was that, I know that everything recycles and that everyone needs a recycler in their life to help them do it thoroughly. Also the opportunity to help solve the world's zero waste challenge, while being a monumental and lofty goal, i get inspiration from the idea that something so important is so doable. Im thankful to be among the innovative souls who embrace this journey toward a cleaner safer world that results from a functioning zero waste infrastructure. Some wisdom Ive gathered from observing successful people is that, to win at the game of life and business, you have to innovate in your field. Aim to create goods and services that people could easily recognize as more efficient and at a higher value than what other people have to offer. I choose waste to energy because I want to live in a clean and safe world. I believe most people also want to move in this direction. I’ve known for some time that environmentalism was ultimate field for me because of the realization that we have only one planet and a finite amount of resources to share. It's apparent when looking at the world and the behavior of it's inhabitants that collectively we humans are consuming faster than we can regenerate essential resources. For the past dozen years (since around the age of 30), I’ve been looking into waste to energy and recycling because it provides a multiple of benefits for society. Winning in the waste to energy field means you are converting the communities liabilities into assets, which in turn, are my assets. Understanding the myriad of ways to reclaim waste and the wide array of finished products and services you can provide from them is a vast undertaking. You can do it all, but you have to build a road map for yourself and know exactly where your going. You have to go on a vision quest to learn to see the big picture. I ask myself, what is the ultimate goal that wraps all of my other goals into one? Construction is the ultimate goal for CWTE because it offers the most uses for captured resources and because everyone needs a home base from which to operate. Once we have the material recovery infrastructure in place, CWTE can build modular off grid homes. These homes are made out of recycled bottle glass cement and are 3D printed. Home owners can design the textures and shapes of the their home. No two homes are alike which means CWTE Homes are visionary homes that reflect the character of their dwellers. Thank you to my folks Ann and Mike Richardson, my kind and loving parents, for investing resources needed for me to employ Albert Harris and Amethyst Sands to build Captured Waste To Energy virtually. My process for creating Captured Waste to Energy, was to envision a path into and though waste to energy so that I would know exactly what the end game would be. This knowing that I attained from putting in many nights of imagineering ( engineering concepts in the mind) before bed, would instill the confidence in me needed to solder on. About seven years ago, I started reaching out to web designers because I wanted to create a social network to build an online community to support the waste to energy infrastructure in our country. I never made progress then because life got in the way. This year i saw my opportunity and went after it. Together, myself, Al, and Amethyst have created a good solid functioning website and online community infrastructure. With is, it is our goal to gather a community of recyclers here who can put their heads together to solve all of the recycling industry's challenges on the path to Zero Waste. I'll look forward to meeting you along this path. Thanks again for your participation in the Captured Waste To Energy Community and social network.

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