Landfill Mining Concept

Captured Waste To Energy (WTE) Facilities Concept Info Guide

The 11 floor production system

a. Hanging Gardens Dome and Interior Green House Food Production.

b. Methane Digester Dome and Inner Waste Water Treatment Facility

c. Digester Effluent Removal for Compost Production

d. Food Processing & Kitchen

a. Ground Floor Parking

b. Elevator Entrance for People, Service, & Tour Vehicles

c. Lounge & Visitor Center

a. Fuel Cell Manufacturing Lab

b. Flow Batteries Lab

c. Systems Maintenance Shops

d. Material Haulers Entrance Bay

e. Elevators Shafts

f. Product Export Exit Bay

a. Oil & Gas Export Bay

a. Maintenance Shops

b. MSW Tipping Floor

c. Aggregates Tipping Floor

d. Cement Export Bay

a. Compost Prod.

b. Bio-solids Extraction

c. Bio-solid Conveyance to Digester

d. Gasification

e. Operations Computer Console

f. Aggregates and Alloy Separation

g. Products Export Bay

h. Cement Products Conveyance

i. Alloys Separator

A. Aggregate Storage Hoppers

B. Milling

C. Cement mixing

D. Geo Chem Interlocking Block Production

E. Block Storage Bay

F. Geo Chem Cement Ready Mix Storage Bays.

a. Service & Tour Corridors

b. Service & Tour Autonomous Vehicles

a. Filtration

b. Fractional Distillation Columns

c. Distillate Storage

d. Steam Boiler

e. Steam Gas Shift Reformer

f. Electrolyser

g. Hydrogen Compressor

h. Hydrogen Storage

i. Methanol Production

j. Methane Gas Prod.

k. Methanol Liquid Storage

l. Methane storage

a. Electric Generation

b. Tesla Steam Turbine

c. Electric Motor/ Tesla Steam Pump

d. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pumps

e. Flow Batteries

f. Solid Oxide, Anion Exchange & Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Electric Production

a. Service Corridor

b. Fire Suppression Systems

c. Water Distilling

d. Purified Water Storage